Sunday, February 22, 2015

$32,000 raised on Milton Cold Night of the Year walk

Courageous residents of Milton braved the weather supporting the 2nd Coldest Night of the Year walk in the town to support those at risk of homelessness. An incredible $32,000 was raised by the teams to support Milton Transitional Housing achieve its aims.

Visit the Milton Transitional Housing Facebook page or website to view images from the walk. You can also search on Twitter using #cnoy2015. It was incredible to witness the fantastic support across 80 communities in Canada from Halifax to Thunder Bay, Winnipeg to Vancouver. You really are making a difference for those at risk of homelessness across Canada. This was one of my favourite pictures.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Support the Coldest Night of the Year today

Join today's Coldest Night of the Year to support those at risk of homelessness in Milton and among 79 other communities across Canada.

Register between 4-5pm today at Milton Lion's Club. Wrap up warm and remember for whom we are doing this incredible community event. I will be tweeting #CNOY2015 and @MiltonTH1.

Learn more about this CNOY by watching this video

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Inspiring story of Mighty Girl for New Year

Story & photo reproduced from Facebook see links below

17-year-old Mighty Girl Mariah Smith of Hampton, Virginia had a life-changing moment when she encountered a homeless man shivering in a parking lot: she gave him food and a blanket from her car, and left determined to do more. Now, three years later, Mariah has handed out more than 80,000 blankets and bagged lunches to homeless people in her community through the non-profit organization she started, Blankets for the Homeless.

Mariah herself was dependent on the kindness of strangers as a child: abandoned as a newborn on Christmas Eve, she spent the first two years of her life in foster care before being adopted. When she gave away her first blanket in 2011, she realized how much difference such a small gesture could make to a person in need. “The look in his eye when I wrapped that blanket around him haunts me to this day," she told NBC News. "It was a look of desperation and appreciation all at once.”

Her mother, Moira, helped her launch her non-profit, which is dedicated to providing blankets, food, and other necessities to homeless people in the community. Word quickly spread among the homeless community, who nicknamed her Blanket Girl. It also spread among local churches, businesses, and schools, who started contributing to her work. “We couldn’t do all that we do without the support of the community,” she says.

Now a psychology major in college, Mariah spends hours every day gathering and distributing food and blankets. She also speaks at elementary schools, universities, and Girl Scout troops to raise awareness about homelessness, letting others know how they can make a difference: “Once you help someone who’s homeless it changes your life forever," she says. "You think about them when it rains; you think about them when it’s way too hot outside, when you can’t stand to be out there.” This Christmas season, with the help of local donors, she assembled over 850 stockings to hand out, full of supplies like toothbrushes, hats and gloves, as well as treats like cookies and personal messages of support.

In the long-term, Mariah would like to encourage others across the country to join her cause by keeping a box in their cars full of blankets, cold-weather gear, and non-perishable foods that they can give out immediately when they see someone in need. “I just want everyone to start to think about the homeless more and maybe themselves a little bit less especially in this time of year. I hope people will start opening their minds more and think about the reality that people are really going through.”

To learn more about Mariah's non-profit, Blankets for the Homeless Hampton Roads and how you can help support her work, visit -- or read more about her story at

For two excellent new books to talk to children about the challenges faced by others in need, we recommend “Maddi’s Fridge” for ages 4 to 8 ( and “Hold Fast” for ages 8 to 12 (

For more stories about the challenges faced by girls and women living in poverty, visit our "Poverty & Hardship" section at

To show children how one act of kindness can bloom into something much greater, we recommend "Plant a Kiss" for ages 2 to 8 at

And, for more Mighty Girl stories for all ages that emphasize the value of compassion, visit our "Kindness & Compassion" section at

Thursday, December 18, 2014

GIVE the GIFT OF HOPE this holiday season

If you haven't already done so, please consider making a donation to Milton Transitional Housing and GIVE THE GIFT OF HOPE this holiday season. Your gift will help put a roof over the heads of people in our community who are in housing crisis and help them make a successful return to housing independence.

MAKE A DONATION AND GIFT IT TO SOMEONE on your holiday list. For every $10 you donate you can request a "gift card" to present to friends, teachers, co-workers. Tax receipts are provided. Click here and GIVE NOW!

REQUESTING GIFT CARDS: Hope 4 Holidays gift cards are available on request and your donation will be eligible for a gift card for every $10 you donate. Email Donna at and ask her to send you out some gift cards that you can then present to people on your gift list. This is a perfect Christmas gift for your children's teachers, your hairdresser, or your co-workers.

DINING OUT COUPON BOOKS are also still available to purchase at $25/each. The booklet offers more than 30 coupons and specials for local restaurants that are good until June 2015. There is still lots of time to make use of this wonderful opportunity and the Dining Out coupon books make wonderful stocking stuffers! They can be purchased from the MTH office or online using your credit or debit card at Please call Donna at 289-971-0060.