Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had a meeting tonight at St Paul's where we talked about the issues, the possibility of inviting the homeless to free food at the Soulfood sessions in future and to possible ways to address the homeless and affordable housing issues. One proposition could be to bring all interested parties to a half day forum after New Year to brainstorm whether there are other interested parties who should be invited to the table.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Affordable Housing

There is a significant overlap between the Homeless and need for Affordable Housing. There are various initiatives in Milton and the Halton Region supporting Affordable Housing. In the Canadian Champion Milton today October 15th, Melanie Hennessey wrote a latest piece on the issue. She was reporting on a message delivered by Miltonian Christina graham to the Region's health and social services committee. She is a participant in the Halton's Voices for Housing Choices' program.

Salvation Army, Milton

I visited the Salvation Army off Main Street in Milton today to donate and ask them about the homeless in Milton. They were unsure of where someone seeking shelter in Milton should go. They pointed me to the Women's refuge and told me about the Food program on Nippissing Road. They did think there was a shelter in Milton but were not sure where it was located. they had a homeless young person come to the Thift Store last week. The manager was able to assist them. The Thrift store are able to offer one days clothing.

Congratulations Lisa Raitt - now the work begins

The Conservative candidate Lisa Raitt has been elected as the Halton Riding MP. Our challenge will be to push her towards acknowldging the issue and raising the issue amongst Halton and in Ottawa. Good luck.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weeks progress

This week I have had an email from someone involved in a church outreach committee in Milton and I have spoken to the chair of the Affordable Housing Coalition in Milton. They have both been able to educate a little further about the current activities undertaken by a few.