Saturday, December 26, 2009


The salvation army website published a story about Michael on their website . He is a street-wise survivor that society passes by and ignores. His home is an alleyway. He pleads for spare change to stay nourished. He is smart and art, He is homeless, but not helpless.

Milton Affordable Housing Coalition (MAHC)

Milton Affordable Housing Coalition was formed from a St Paul's Mission and outreach initiative in 2001 and has been regarded as a subgroup of M&O. The initiative was to alleviate the shortage of housing for people with low incomes in Milton. It developed into a coalition of members of churches and other interested parties. The churches were St Paul's, Grace Anglican, knox and Holy Rosary. At the time the Town regarded affordable housing as a Regional responsibility and Regional Council were not interested in building more affordable housing.
Initial efforts at getting housing space built were unsuccessful, although Del Ridge Homes made some initial effrts to assit. The emphasis then turned to raising awareness at a political level.
MAHC has become somewhat dormant. The Region and Town are now aware of the need and appear to be supportive of initiatives to meet the need. They are working together to develop affortable housing for seniors and diabled on the site of the old Martin House on the Region's property (Allendale Campus). Once funding is secured the project will move ahead. A recent application was not successful but a new one is being submitted. The Region's housing staff now support the future development of a combination of commercial/office uses and affordable housing on the vacant land right at the corner of Childs and Ontario.
It would be valuable for MAHC and the St Paul's M&O team to meet again to discuss how we might work together.