Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Concerns over the OOTC program

Concerns were raised over the OOTC program being initiated in 2009. They were:
We will not be able to get enough volunteers
The risks of guests being difficult to control are too great
The building cannot be made secure
The training of the volunteers will be very difficult and will take to long
This is not the time for such a radical idea

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Salvation Army Educational event

The Salvation Army in Halton is planning an educational awareness on the affordable housing and homeless issue in the fall of 2009. St Paul's church has offered to hold the event. More details will be investigated and published.

St Paul's Out-of-the-cold program proposal

The Mission & Outreach committee at St Paul's church has made a recommendation for an out-of-the cold program commencing November 2009. Here is the proposal.

Halton increase in need

The Halton Coordinated Intervention Service reports an increase in requests for housing so far in 2009. It is assumed this increase in demand is related to the downtown in the community.

Halton Homelessness Forum

On November 28th the Halton Region hosted a Forum to discuss the homelessnes in Halton. There were 80 people who attended the Foum at Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington. The objectives of the Forum were to discuss
1) Halton's Homlessness Framework
2) Current gaps in housing and homelessness continuum
3) Priorities for future initiatives to address homelessness and eviction prevention.

The link below will take you to the report.

Milton homeless survey

These links will take you to the results of the blog survey through Survey Monkey. The first PDF shows the % answers to the different questions and the second link the detailed responses to individual questions.