Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Big Issue Poem

Here is a poem printed in the UK Big Issue this week by Jason Obaseki (The Big Issue, page 40 Christmas Edition, 2013. UK)

Searching for Something?
Waiting for eternity

I'm searching for a something, for something my soul thirsts
I've no rest till I find it, no balm to soothe my hurts
I'm looking for the answer but the question's ill defined
I'm looking for some wisdom of an everlasting kind
I'm wanting to be someone no hollow clanging star
A person with real substance and clothed with glorious power
I'm looking for a concept of high and noble birth
Alive in hearts of thousands amongst whom is true mirth
I'm looking for eternity, for wisdom health and power
For joy that is unspeakable, for beauty like a flower
I now have found a something to quench my soul's deep thirst
I've true peace now I've found Him His voice soothes all my hurts.
I now have found the answer the questions become clear
The wisdom that's eternal Walk in God's holy fear
You soon will be admired A bright and burning star
No character is greater than God's and His great power
I've found the highest concept A saviour's dying love
He's lived in lives of countless, who lived in love for love
Now I'm waiting for eternity for wisdom health and power
For joy that is unspeakable for beauty like a flower.

Wishing all our clients, community, sponsors, volunteers and Board a very Merry Christmas John Gregory - @gregiej

Monday, December 23, 2013

Returning soon

I will be returning soon to Ontario. Where did 2 years go? It whistled by. It has been an amazing two years and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful personal opportunities. I am very much looking forward to be back in Ontario in January and again able to engage in volunteering to support Milton Transitional Housing. As you reflect and start to think about 2014 think about pledging your time and energy to Milton Transitional Housing. I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Hope 4 Holidays

This is a time of year when we really think about those in need, most especially those at risk of homelessness and those that are and have been homeless. Crisis UK says it expects 4,000 to visit its centres today up 18% from the same time last year. Crisis UK, Shelter and others are working hard to care for the homeless in need of shelter. In Milton, you can support the work of Milton Transitional Housing through its Hope 4 Holidays campaign