Saturday, October 15, 2016

A new online presence for MTH

MTH has been a story. The story began with a Champion article and this blog, in 2008. Others have evolved it into the sustainable organisation it is today supporting those in a housing crisis in the Milton community. 

This blog is now superseded by an onsite blog on the new responsive Milton Transitional Housing website.
"The site looks awesome! Simple and clean in its design, and easy to navigate," said Editor of the Champion, Catherine O'Hara, describing the new website

Take a tour of the new website and tell us what you think. We have revamped the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account profiles.

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We have invested well over 100-hours to relaunch it. I am grateful to Paul Wilkinson for his work with me on the website development and also Stacey Newman for provided us with the photography. We also want to recognise the incredible dedication of Mary Judge who built the original MTH website and has managed it ever since. Much has changed in the online world since that original website was developed.