Friday, July 1, 2016

Did You Know - Facebook series posts

DID YOU KNOW? - is a wonderful series of posts on the Milton Transitional Housing Facebook page

"The lack of availability and the high cost of rental accommodation in Milton makes it difficult for many households with significant challenges such as family breakup, unemployment, addictions, etc., to find and retain suitable rental housing. In 2013, according to the Milton Community Profile, 15% of Milton households earned less than $40,000/year. At the moment, the going rate for a simple 2-bedroom apartment is at least $1200/month. According the Halton Region, the accepted “affordable” amount a family should pay for housing is a maximum of 30% of gross income. That means that a Milton family must earn $48,000 annually to be able to afford that two-bedroom apartment. Clearly, 15% of Milton families cannot afford basic shelter and also afford to pay for other basic necessities ... like food."