Thursday, June 21, 2012

WOW! Family Fun Day

An update on our next big event on Saturday, September 29th from 10 - 1pm at Milton Memorial Arena (Lion's Club Hall and in the south parking lot). The event is modelled on the TV Amazing Race, but we agreed to call the event WOW! Family Fun Day. It is a family event with teams of 4, which must include at least one adult, to follow clues and accomplish tasks or challenges to compete and win prizes. It is a second big public event through which we can raise awareness - both about homelessness in Milton and Milton Transitional Housing. The event is intended to appeal to families with children 5-10 years and these are not attracted to the Empty Bowls or Coldest Night of the Year. There will be a charge of $20 per team, which will include a hotdog and drink for lunch. We are looking for volunteers to help in planning and managing the event. There are lots of ideas buzzing around about what we can do.

Welcome Denise

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Denise Wentzell who joins us as Manager of Fund Development, Marketing & Communications. This is an exciting step forward and Denise will help move us further into the important social media space as well as grow our funding base to the point where we can support our ambition of 7 housing units within our original 5 years by 2016. Denise is described as an energetic young professional. Welcome Denise, we are very happy to have a you aboard and good luck.

New Logo

There has been work underway to create a new logo for the organisation before voting on the new logo which has now appeared on our website and then soon our business cards and all our materials.