Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry (Happy) Christmas from all the extended team at Home Suite Hope Milton & Board of Milton Transitional Housing Corp. Today is a day to think of all of those in our local community and around the World who are in need, not just of homelessness. So many of us are so fortunate that we have so much.

Thank you to all those in our community that have supported this project in the last few years. 2011 has marked a turning point where the vision has come to fruition. Congratulations to all the team for their dedication. We can make a difference.

Christmas Wishes


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Congratulations Kathryn

A personal congratulations to one of our director's, Kathryn on the birth of her second daughter on Sunday

Sunday, December 18, 2011

InsideHalton Article: New challenge awaits McKay at Home Suite Hope Milton

InsideHalton Article: New challenge awaits McKay at Home Suite Hope Milton

HSH Oakville in Oakville Beaver

HSH in Oakville received coverage in this week's Oakville Beaver. Jules Graham-Hood, left, of Home Suite Hope (HSH-O), received a $1,200 donation from Boston Pizza Franchisee Donna Corrigan, Ron Rocheleau of Mott’s Clamato, and Scarlet Estrada, community relations co-ordinator for Boston Pizza. The money was raised during a Best Caesar Competition hosted by the restaurant in early November. The funds will support Home Suite Hope work towards its support of individuals and families facing a housing crisis. In the last 18 months, HSH has refocused its strategy and resources on single-parent families, welcomed five new members to the board of directors and experienced a turnover of its entire staff.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homelessness around the world - The Big Picture -

Homelessness around the world - The Big Picture -
Boston conducted its 32nd census of the city’s homeless population earlier this week. A report to the United Nations in 2005 stated there were an estimated 100 million homeless people in the world, and an additional 1.6 billion living without adequate housing. Here are some images of homelessness across the globe, collected from wire images this year

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boston Ladies Fellowship group donation

I would like to acknowldge Boston Ladies Fellowship group for their very kind donation of $1000 towards the HSHMilton project. Over the year they have held bazaar, catered to diners ect and chosen to donate their proceeds to transitional housing in Milton. Thank you so much ladies. We will put it to good use.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Carol raises over $3000

Last Friday's wonderful 'A Christmas Carol' fundraiser was attended by over 160 people and raised an amazing $3000, thanks to the gracious donation of the performers time and talents. Thank you. As John Davies summarized it as a great privilege to work with all those to make this happen in Milton for a great cause addressing a great need in our town.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

John Davies interview @ A Christmas Carol HSHMilton.wmv

Congratulations John on introducing and managing a wonderful event to raise awareness of homelessness in our Milton community. Here John's comments about the importance of the event.

Jim Curran interview at 'A Christmas Carol'

Here is an Apple compatible video link to YouTube.

Performers from last night's 'A Christmas Carol'

Thank you all for kindly volunteering your time and talents in support of those at risk of homelessness in our community. See last post for the names of the performers.

Jim Curran interview at 'A Christmas Carol' event

We had the most wonderful evening last night listening to a beautifully read abridged version of Charles Dickens' 168 year old classic 'A Christmas Carol'. We thank the readers of the 5 staves; Tim Beddoes, Sharon Beddoes, Jim Curran, Eleanor Gribbon, Susan Cranford and Geoff Ford. It is a stunning descriptive peice of literature. The message also links well with reflecting on those in need in our community. Listen here to an interview with CBC's Jim Curran who graciously volunteered his time and talent to raise awareness and funds of homelessness and the transitional housing solution in Milton. We were also treated to wonderful Christmas seasonal music from the fabulous Milton Choristers led by Laurie Reed; Carole Curtain, Olive Mont, Jennifer Smith, Jenn Callum, Helen Dietz, John Carroll, Paul Ratzlaff, James Douglas, Laurie Reed and Susan Edmonds. We are so greatful to you all. The evening was led and compared by Associate Pastor, John Davies from Southside Community Church.Well done everyone for all your hard work.

There will be pictures and an interview with John Davies to follow.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight: Tickets still available for "A Christmas Carol"

Tonight Only
'A Christmas Carol', dramatically led by Jim Curran and support
Southside Community Church, Derry Road, Milton at 7.30pm
Tickets are still available
See you there

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Habitat for Humanity for Milton

Today, Habitat for Humanity Halton broke ground on its first build in Milton. Habitat Halton has been helping local families to alleviate the cycle of poverty since its inception in 1999 by providing affordable housing solutions to families in need. Habitat’s financial model makes it possible for families with incomes below the poverty line to purchase homes at fair market value.

Halton Region Chair Gary Carr and Mayor Gordon Krantz led the gathering of local dignitaries, sponsors and Habitat volunteers to celebrate the latest project of Habitat Halton, which will be completed by summer 2012. Land for the new Habitat for Humanity home is in a Mattamy Homes development currently under construction in Milton and was donated by Mattamy for the build.

“This ground breaking in Milton demonstrates how the Town of Milton can come together to help a family in need,” said Anne Swarbrick, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Halton. “Mattamy Homes and the Oakville, Milton & District Real Estate Board have taken the lead sponsorship roles to make this happen. We look forward to other Milton corporations and individuals joining Prosperity ONE, and a generous couple who prefer to remain anonymous, to help fill the sponsorship opportunities available in completing this home. We are extremely grateful to Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life for its generous support.”

“We are proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity Halton to help them in their mission of making the dream of homeownership possible for hard working families,” said Peter Gilgan, Founder & CEO of Mattamy Homes. “At Mattamy we recognize the importance of community to our business and in our society, and we truly believe that it’s important for us to be part of, and give back to, the communities in which we develop and build. Habitat for Humanity is such a key part of bringing communities together, and we’re pleased to support them.”

“The Oakville, Milton & District Real Estate Board (OMDREB) is proud to be associated with a world renowned charitable organization that is helping members of our own community fulfill their home ownership dreams,” said Jack McCrudden, 2011 President, Board of Directors, OMDREB. “As realtors we know the excitement a new home means and it will be a pleasure to watch this house become a home to such a large and deserving family. We congratulate this family on its plan to set their roots in their community as homeowners. We are honoured to take part in making home ownership a reality for them. We have successfully raised over $100,000 for Habitat Halton to date.”

December 6th marked the beginning of a very exciting time in the life of a Halton family. Ginger, a hard working mother, and her four children are currently living in a small and overcrowded townhouse. One of the children’s bedrooms is in an unfinished basement - a space shared with the furnace, washing machine and dryer. The walls are partially concrete and the windows are too small to serve as an emergency exit. The townhouse has exhibited health challenges such as a mold problem in the bathroom which creates breathing problems for one of the children. Ginger has worked diligently to get her finances in order and her energetic family is committed to working as a team with Habitat as they start their new life in Milton. The family has been diligently building up its “sweat equity” hours, a Habitat requirement for new homeowners. The family can begin to build up equity and, it can start to make major improvements in their lives one step at a time. | The Current | News Promo | The Current | News Promo
Thursday December 8th at 8.37am on CBC Radio 1 with a special feature interview with Lorna Crozier on Poverty in Canada. Listen in!

Snap Milton December Calendar

The December 2011 issue vol 6 no 10 includes the a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol event on Friday Dec 9th in its December calendar. Thanks. Tickets are still available. See the MACCWT or HSHM website.

InsideHalton Article: New unit temporary shelter for families in crisis

InsideHalton Article: New unit temporary shelter for families in crisis
Great to see Wendy on bahlf of Milton Transitional Housing Corp quoted in this latest Champion article on homelessness in Halton. Congratulations to Salvation Army on opening an apartment also in Milton, which means combined HSHM and SA will be able to support two new individuals or families.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tickets still available for "A Christmas Carol"

Tickets selling well with well over 100 so far but there are tickets still available to support the latest fundraiser. Friday December 9th, Southside Community Church on Derry Road

InsideHalton Article: Solving Halton’s housing crisis

InsideHalton Article: Solving Halton’s housing crisis Meed Ward raised concerns about the waitlist for assisted housing in Halton. The latest figures show about 2,780 individuals on the HATCH waitlist for housing; the region says the average wait time is 2.7 years. Regional plan to introduce 300 new assisted-housing units doesn’t meet need. Read more.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Silver Award winner of Halton's Be a Hero contest

One of the long term Bridging the Gap youth, and a previous CAS client, who has personally experienced poverty, homelessness and abuse submitted a beautiful, moving poem to Halton’s Be a Hero contest. Victoria was recognized and awarded with 2nd place (Silver Award) out of close to 100 submissions at last week’s ceremony.

The poem she wrote is based on “Crissy’s Story” below but speaks to Victoria’s own perseverance, hope and determination in taking care of herself and finding a permanent, stable home in her community.

Crissy's story Transitional housing for youth:

You’ve probably heard the expression “safe at home”. But the truth is – not everyone is safe at home. I should know. My dad left a long time ago and we don’t hear from him. My brother had a hard time dealing with whole thing. He blamed my mom for dad leaving, so he was always angry. I guess he started to drink and do drugs to make the pain go away. But it didn’t go away. Whenever he was using, he’d either be drunk or high and he would take his anger out on me – he would beat me. I was so scared. Mom couldn’t protect me from him; I guess she was scared too. Finally I couldn’t take it any more; I had to leave – for me. I tried to find a shelter here in Halton so I could stay in school. They didn’t have any room but they helped me find a safe place in Peel. I felt so alone. There was no way I was going back home, but I couldn’t stay in the shelter for very long. It’s only temporary – usually only a few weeks.
Finally a spot opened up back here in Halton, so I came back. The shelter worker connected me with some people who could help me. They were great; they were really there for me. They helped me get my Ontario Works (OW) so that I could find a room to rent, and they take me to the food bank because I don’t have a car. I have dreams. I want to finish school and I hope to go to college some day. But right now it’s one day at a time and for the first time in a long time I’m starting to feel like things are going to be okay for me. Without their support I’d probably be somewhere out on the streets.

Temporary Home
by Victoria Noble

She was happy
She was content
Her dad turned away
And that's when her road bent

Her brother lost control
Lost the meaning within his soul
Ran to drugs and alcohol
This wasn't the same brother that she recalls

He would come home mad
Make her and her mother feel bad
She was the victim of his abuse
She knew it was because of the drug use

She had to go; she had to get away
Couldn't deal with the abuse for another day
She packed her bags and left home
On her own she was left to roam

She had to figure out where she was going to stay
She needed to find a bed where she could lay
So she could be safe from the pain
And end the stress that ran through her veins

She found a place to sleep
Though it was not her bed to keep
She had to leave in a few weeks
So she folded the bed sheets

She was at a place where she felt alone
That feeling sent shivers of fear through her bones
She had nobody but herself to pull through
She had no idea what she was going to do

Finally someone was able to take her hand
They helped her from the sinking sand
They told her to continue on with her dreams
Nothing is as impossible as it seems

She got back on her own two feet
She feels like she is impossible to defeat
Life is a very hard mountain to climb
But she remembers to take it one day at a time