Friday, September 30, 2011

Web design

We have a brief out for estimates to help us build a website for Home Suite Hope Milton.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rev Thom Davies - Wesley Urban Ministries

I listened to an inspiring message today from Rev Thom Davies from Wesley Urban Ministries. It underlines for me why we started this project and blog. I hope I can obtain some of his stories to share on this blog. He described a room of homeless people at a Hamilton shelter and their stories. It demonstrates a very human tragedy. Intelligent, good people, not middle class with a sudden life event that has tipped the balance and pushed them into a spiral of desperation, homelessness and vulnerability. There was a happy side to the story, through collaboration and case guided workers Hamilton has become a beacon of best practice and the first community to be able to close one of its four shelters due to declining need through the success of their programs. Thank you Rev Davies - you inspire us.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paddle Power

Latest coverage about our 'Learn to Kayak' event on Mill Pond. The event raised further funds for the HSH-M project. Click here

Halton's affordable housing category

Halton missing housing strategy targets report in the Canadian Champion Tuesday Sept 13th. Click here

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sanderson Group

The Sanderson Group has offered to support us in our efforts to identify a suitable consultant for the Administrative Coordinator role supporting the HSH-M project. They are very impressed with what we are doing.

Administrative Coordinator Consultant position

With Home Suite Hope Milton Transitional Housing Project

Home Suite Hope Milton Transitional Housing Project (HSH-Milton) is seeking a consultant to provide Administrative Coordination functions for our new organization, reporting directly to the HSH-Milton Transitional Housing Project Team. The HSH-Milton project is a community-based initiative to assist those at risk of homelessness in Milton to reconstruct their lives with dignity. Our goal is to house as many as seven families or individuals within five years for between 4-24 months. We have now secured a two-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
This Administrative Coordinator role will be a leadership position with the project and may include:
Helping the volunteer HSH-Milton Project Team in developing our overall program and organization.
Administering the day-to-day operation of the project, including ensuring all records, files, etc. are in order.
Monitoring the entire project and communicate with team members, volunteers and the public.
Monitoring the delivery of social work services to HSH-Milton participants in conjunction with personnel designated from Home Suite Hope Shared Living Corp (HSH-Oakville), who have been contracted to coordinate the HSH-Milton program and delivery services.
Participating in the development of program elements (advocacy, referrals, progress reviews, and documentation, etc.), as required;
Participating in the HSH-Milton Project Steering Committee as well as the large project team, including evening meetings.
Cultivating and managing relationships with other social service agencies in the Halton area.
Supporting the Fundraising Coordinator in the conduct of fund raising activities.
Calling on the skills and experience of the Project Team members when required to obtain resources that are needed and not already available to deal with situations as they arise.

Successful completion of business administration program at college or university level (or the equivalent in experience).
Five years related experience.
Knowledgeable about social agencies and services that are available in the town of Milton, in Halton Region and the greater GTA area.
The ability to work well with committees, clients, service delivery agencies and volunteers in a team environment;
Strong administrative and management skills, with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
Good communicator, an active and discerning listener, a motivator and a delegator.
Positive attitude and responsive to input and suggestions.
Demonstrates flexibility in the way objectives are achieved.

REMUNERATION: $30/hour plus expenses, for 30 hours per month. This is a contract consultancy and will require payment through the issuing of invoices by the consultant.

CONTACT: If interested in learning more, or to submit your application, please:
Phone: Lorna Turner at 905-876-0218; or
Ruth Parkinson at 905-875-4136
Mail: Home Suite Hope Milton Transitional Housing
123 Main Street East, Milton ON L9T 1N4

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More learn to kayak pictures

Administrative Coordinator Consultant posted

We have todsy posted to find a consultant Administrative Coordinator to provide project leadership reporting to the Home Suite Hope Milton project team. If interested and you wish to see further details email

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fun today on the picturesque Mill Pond

We had a wonderful turnout at today's 'Learn to Kayak' on Mill Pond in Milton. It may have been a little tough for people to find Livingstone Park. We raised over $300. This is Sarah at the Farmer's Market with Ruth early this morning. Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers for their help including the paddlers from Mississauga Canoe Club who gave up their time and brought over 20 kayaks to Mill Pond. Let's hope there is an even bigger event next year. Mountain Equipment Co-op, Burlington very kindly donated 8 backpacks to support the event. While the money raised was very modest, I am sure the event helped us communicate the goals of Home Suite Home Milton transitional housing project to more people in our community through the Farmer's Market, kayaking and media. It was a beautiful day to be out on Mill Pond.