Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mississauga Learn to Kayak

Mississauga Canoe Club are running a 'Learn to Kayak' event on September 3rd in Mill Pond and will also do a demonstration game of Canoe Polo at noon. See the video on the attached link on YouTube

Friday, July 15, 2011

Social Housing wait list growing

The Champion reported July 14th on last week's Halton Region report released by the health and social services committee showing that the wait list for social housing increased dramatically in 2010 to 2,140 applicants. It is suggested the economic downtown may be responsible for the 9.6% increase over 2009. The article by Christina Commisso indicates that on average applicants wait three years before being placed in a rent-geared-to-income unit. If all applicants stayed on the list it would take 27 years to house them all. It also reinforces our own HSH-M project findings that there are very few one bedroom apartments available for rent.

Halton Regional Grant Application

This week Ruth, Lorna, Carol and I met this week to answer questions from the Halton Region on our grant application for funding to support Home Suite Hope Milton. They are impressed with the detail of our proposal and the value of the project to the community. This does not mean funding will be provided this year but we hope that the Region show there support for the project. Well done team.