Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bill C400 seeks to revive National Housing Strategy

Bill C-400, An Act to ensure secure, adequate, accessible and affordable housing for Canadians, was introduced in the House of Commons as a private member’s bill last February. It deals with a National Housing Strategy which is greatly needed. After the 1st round of debate in October, it is set to be debated again and voted on at second reading on February 27. The Liberal & NDP members will vote for it and it is possible that the Conservatives will allow a free vote of their members. If it passes second reading, it will be referred to committee. I thought that if we can give this some publicity, it might be helpful. There's more info at Marie-Claude Morin, MP for Saint-Hyacinthe – Bagot, introduced Bill C-400 to revive the goal of establishing a National Housing Strategy. “To this day, Canada is the only G8 country without a national housing strategy. Yet, the development of affordable housing remains key to countering poverty and homelessness by improving the quality of life of Canadian households. The bill requires the minister responsible for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to work with provincial ministers responsible for housing, municipal representatives, First Nations communities, housing providers in the non-profit and private sectors as well as with representatives of civil society organizations to establish a national housing strategy.” People are encouraged to contact your MPs to support the bill. Halton's latest State of Housing Report, dated 2011 has just came out. I will review and post a summary.

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